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B.Sc Honours in Botany

B.Sc Honours in Botany

Welcome to the B.Sc Honours in Botany program, where the world of plants comes alive through exploration and inquiry. Our comprehensive curriculum covers plant biology, ecology, genetics, and conservation, offering a deep dive into the fascinating realm of botanical science.

Led by a team of experienced botanists and researchers, our program emphasizes hands-on learning and fieldwork. You’ll have the opportunity to engage in plant collection, observation, and analysis, gaining a profound appreciation for the diversity and importance of plant life.

Whether you’re interested in environmental conservation, agricultural research, or biotechnology, our B.Sc Honours in Botany program prepares you for a range of career opportunities. Join us to cultivate your passion for the natural world and make a meaningful impact on our planet’s ecosystems.

B.Sc Honours in Botany - 50 Seats